Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Month Two...

Hello to my awesome readers!

So today Alden is 12 weeks old and officially 3 months on Monday! The time is flying like you wouldn't believe. So much has changed since my last post and I've fallen even MORE in love with Alden since then as well!

For starters, he now smiles for things OTHER than gas. When he sees people he knows he will smile at them. It is such an incredible feeling to have your baby see you after being at work all day and smile at you.

I've been able to watch him go from making little cooing sounds, to learning that his voice has different tones. He's recently started shouting now so he will randomly just let out a big AHHHHHHHHHHH! Its so adorable!

We finally got to lose the mittens a few weeks ago too! I tried it right around a month and half and within 24 hours he made a huge scratch on his cheek so the hands got covered back up. I tried it again one day and he has done great! Let me just say though that baby nails grow at some sort of supersonic warp speed! I can cut them super short and file them down, then the next day they feel like little talons again!

I'm back at work now and it has been tough. I seriously feel like I drop him off with my mother in law and when I get him back he has grown! It's insane how fast they grow. Before I know it we will be celebrating his first birthday!

The only other thing that has really changed is that I've had to start supplementing with formula. I never ever EVER wanted to give him formula but when I went back to work and started pumping my body just wasn't producing enough. During feedings we do just fine. His pediatrician said that pumping just doesn't have the same result as when a baby is feeding. I was really hard on myself about this because boobs are meant to be a buffet for babies. I didn't realize that pumping doesn't do justice like Alden does! The important thing is that he is still getting breast fed EVERY DAY and on the weekends ALL DAY! I am proud of myself for not giving up thus far even though my plans have had to be adjusted.

One thing that has helped me get through this problem is being a part of some breast feeding pages. I see women everyday posting about having the SAME issue as me, or worse and it lets me know that all we can do as breastfeeding mamas is try our best! If you are a mama who can go a year (or more) breastfeeding without forumla then GO YOU! If you have start supplementing formula when you are away from your baby like me, that's OK too. Lastly if for some reason you just don't produce enough milk or even choose not to breast feed that is OK! It is YOUR choice and you should never let anyone other than yourself and your baby's needs weigh in on your decision!

 I will say that being able to breastfeed is something we as women should be INCREDIBLY proud of! It is not easy and it is painful at first. If you see a mama breastfeeding you should give her a dang high five because it's tough! Just remember that there are women out there who's supply dries up for whatever reason and they might be struggling or feeling like a failure like I was. We as women and mommys need to step up and encourage one another rather than try to one up the lady next to us!

Well anyways.. I guess I am done with this post. Now its picture time!!!

 Me and my sweet Family! :)

 Just hanging with mama!

 My first Valentine's Day!

Bundled up for this winter weather!

Thanks for reading you guys! :)

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