Friday, April 17, 2015

Month Three...

Hey guys!

Welcome back to my mommy blog. It's time to re-cap Alden's 3rd month on this Earth. As you can see in his 3 month photo, his crazy little personality is starting to show. This boy is CRAZY! He is going to be a class clown some day.

We have discovered that he LOVES basketball! He will sit on his daddy's lap and watch an entire game with him. Could this be foreshadowing of his future? Perhaps... but only time will tell. I honestly think it is because of the bright colors and the constant movement, but hey I can dream right?

In last month's update I talked about how Alden had found his voice. Well now he squeals. It is super adorable and he does it when he gets excited. For those of you who who watch the videos I post of him on Facebook A.K.A "Chattin' with Alden" you have probably heard his squeals.

I was also able to transition him from sleeping in bed with me to sleeping in his rock n play. Generally around 5 in the morning he will wake up and start talking. As soon as I place him in my bed, he snuggles up to me and crashes out. I really do miss having him in my bed, but I do NOT miss sweating all night from my little heater. Still it is nice to have that short time in the morning to snuggle before the day begins.

My sweet little booger man is now starting to get distracted when he eats. Thankfully he can latch and unlatch himself now, so he will unlatch and look at something, then a few minutes later latch right back on. Sometimes he will unlatch and just stare up at me and smile like "wow.. you are my mommy? I get to keep you forever?" It is SUPER adorable.

We celebrated Alden's first Easter this month too! He got to go to church and get gawked over. He fell asleep during Sunday school, woke up and ate during worship service and then fell right back to sleep! He was very well behaved. 

Alden also got to go to the zoo for the first time AND sit in his stroller without being in the car seat. He was pretty alert at first. Then he got fussy because he was wet. Once I changed him and put him back in his car seat, he was OUT! He at least got to see the giraffes before passing out! Thank goodness.

I guess I'll end this post now. We took family pictures last weekend so as soon as I get those I'll be making a special post. :)

Just like always... its picture time!

 Alden rocking his T-Rex fossil shirt

 I love this picture because Alden looks like a little baby thug

 First zoo trip! Looking snazzy in his shades

 This kid is too fly for you

First Easter! Alden is rocking his Noah's Ark outfit from his great Meemaw

That's it for this post!
As always... thanks for reading!

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