Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Month Five...

Hey guys!

My sweet boy celebrates his half birthday today! That means it is time to fill you all in on what went down during his 5th month of life.

We have now added some solid foods to Alden's diet. I started noticing that he was just super interested in whatever anyone was eating and so I knew it was time. I have made the decision to make my own baby food. Yes buying food for him at the store would be SO much easier but have you guys tasted that stuff? I will never forget playing the "guess the baby food" game at my sister-in-law's baby shower a few years ago and gagging! Most of the fruits were OK, but the veggies and other types tasted NOTHING like they were supposed to. Ever since that day I knew I wasn't going to feed my children that stuff!
Yes it is time consuming but I will say that its probably a lot cheaper making it on my own, and it is much better for him! I sliced my finger open on the food processor blade the other day and so I've learned to be much more careful. (Don't worry.. I cut myself while washing the blade, not during the making of the baby food!) We have eaten sweet potatoes and green bean puree so far. He seems to be a bigger fan of the green beans. This morning I got some avocados and some pears so we are going to make two new foods try out!

Alden has also started sleeping pretty much through the night. He tends to wake up and stir a little bit. As soon as I give him his pacifier he is back to sleep. It has been so nice getting to have some extra sleep. My body however has not adjusted well. I got my first clogged milk duct and MAN was it painful! I was in total misery. Luckily I read a blog post from a woman who used to get them frequently and she went from it taking her 3 days to get the clog out to about 30 minutes! It took me longer than 30 minutes, but it lasted no more than 24 hours. Thank goodness because I would not have survived!

We took Alden swimming for the first time as well. I knew he was going to be fine with the water because he gets so excited when its bath time. I figured he would look at the pool and think it was a gigantic bath tub. He did indeed love the pool so I am excited to take him swimming now.

I think that is about it for this month.

Now onto the photos!

 Alden's first time trying sweet potatoes!

 Watching some maintenance men on the roof at mommy's work.

 Snuggle time with mommy and daddy.

Alden's first time in the pool!

Thank you guys for reading! 

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